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A Testament On How To Challenge And Rollback The Opioid Epidemic Still Facing The Nation

As Papantonio lets the story unfold we are given an excellent parallel view of legal proceedings and personal drama. The balance is well maintained making the novel more than just a courtroom drama. Papantonio’s prose is swift, and he has a knack for writing dialogue moving the story forward rather than extraneous or overwrought description. One would expect as much since the author is a member of the Trial Lawyers’ Hall of Fame with deep experience not just in the courtroom managing clients and opponents but also in crafting succinct briefs cutting to the heart of issues.

Law And Addiction will not only satisfy readers who devour thrillers, but also stands as a testament on how to challenge and rollback the opioid epidemic still facing the nation.

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Fans Of John Grisham And Steve Martini Will Welcome Papantonio’s Pulse-Pounding Second Legal Thriller

“Fans of John Grisham and Steve Martini will welcome Papantonio’s pulse-pounding second legal thriller (after 2016’s Law and Disorder). Angus Moore, of Bergman-Deketomis, is spearheading the Florida law firm’s pursuit of civil justice against Arbalest, the manufacturer of Sight-Clops, billed as the “latest and greatest hologram gunsight.” Sight-Clops has a design flaw—in humid conditions, bullets fired from weapons using it end up significantly off-target—that has already resulted in deaths. The author effectively enlists the reader’s sympathies early on by depicting two such friendly fire fatalities, including the death of a rookie Chicago cop accidentally gunned down by his partner. The deck is stacked against Moore and his colleagues, since Arbalest has powerful allies in law enforcement and politics who have sway over the Department of Justice. Moore’s persistence leads to the death of an important colleague, and an increased role in the investigation for Gina Romano, a fearless and aggressive lawyer. Papantonio, a member of the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame, effectively balances litigation strategy and action.

Publishers Weekly

Rare Combination Of A Top-Flight Trial Lawyer Who Can Write

Mike Papantonio offers the rare combination of a top-flight trial lawyer who can write with a high level of skill, and spin a yarn right up there with John Grisham and David Baldacci.

F. Lee Bailey, author and famed trial lawyer

I Really Enjoyed This Book And Highly Recommend It

I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. Mr. Papantonio takes the time to set his scenes, build his characters, and tell his story. It is easy to tell that he does his research and knows his stuff. I can’t wait to read more of his books.

Books and Such

A Fan Of Legal Thrillers

This is the second book I have read by the author and once again I enjoyed his writing and this book. If you are a fan of legal thrillers, I think you will enjoy Law and Vengeance.

Mrs Reads Books

Papantonio Brings The Climax To A Satisfying Conclusion

The reader gains a vested awareness in the case, characters are well fleshed, including that of the antagonist, and the legal sequences are interesting. Surely the author won’t let the villain escape—but you’ll just have to read for yourself—as Papantonio brings the climax to a satisfying conclusion.

Net Galley

A brilliant web of relationships and intrigue

Law and Vengeance is a brilliant web of relationships and intrigue that will captivate anyone interested in the challenges of criminal justice in our modern culture.

Kerry Kennedy, human rights activist